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Small Incinerator(PLC Control)

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Medical Incinerators

Model YD-15

Model YD-30

Model YD-50

Model YD-100

Model YD-150

Model YD-300

Model YD-500




 Our Story

  Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading waste incinerator manufacturer in China. The factory workshop local in liuhe Economic Development Zone, suburb of Nanjing and business office local in downtown area. Presently, incinerator line products market cover former Soviet Union area, Africa countries, Asia countries and middle east area. 

From year 2010, we negotiated with updated technology from Europe and America manufacturers and establish cooperation relationship in the territory of China market. Unfortunately, competition in other countries market, country discrimination and worries of intellectual property rights cause failure finally. Presently, we investment more effort, funds and technology development in our own brand, we are to be one of the largest incineration equipment in the world.


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